NYFC Guardian Scholars Shine as Hosts of 2013 Fool’s Fête

In celebration of the 10th Annual Fool’s Fête, NYFC Guardian Scholars Amara and Shavonn hosted the evening’s program.  Originally born in West Africa, Amara is working toward becoming a lawyer to serve as an advocate for youth in foster care.  Shavonn also wants to give back to her community by becoming a counselor or social worker.  As Guardian Scholars, Shavonn and Amara receive wrap-around services from NYFC, including tutoring, a living allowance, school supplies, peer encouragement, and monthly meetings to ensure students are on track to meet their educational and professional goals.

Following their welcome to event attendees and acknowledgement of sponsors and special guests, Amara and Shavonn introduced Vanessa, who was the featured speaker of the evening.  Vanessa shared her journey in foster care, explaining how she felt when there was no one looking out for her.  When she became a Guardian Scholar, Vanessa was finally able to pursue her dreams with the help of the program’s emotional, educational, and financial support. Today, Vanessa serves as the Vice President of the NYFC Youth Advisory Board, using her experiences to ensure better futures for her peers.

Vanessa’s poem inspired by the Spring Event

Because of you
I’m better
you don’t even know
Could you fathom
the many possibilities your presence leave behind?

Because of you
I’m stronger, faster, lighter
Through your nurture and fertilization
I’ve grown despite negation
So this proclamation
comes from a place deep within me
A place before you
I never knew to exist

Because of you
I’m more than who I am
or what I was
You gave me fuel
to fly above
many influences
You gave me experience
You outright birthed me
giving me life
like I died
then you resuscitated me
and gave me LIFE

Yet when you look at me
you don’t even know…
Could you begin to fathom the many possibilities that your presence leaves behind?
Too many to count as I fly
This may sound cliché, but you are the wind beneath my wings
Yet it’s as if you don’t know
All that you do
when you do
what you do
for me, for us

So I have to say thank you
even though that might never be enough
to express my gratitude
for amplifying my latitude.
Thank you.
Could you begin to fathom the many possibilities that your presence leaves behind?