Our Signature Programs

The NYFC Nick’s Scholars Program supports youth in New York City currently or formerly in foster care from college enrollment through to graduation. This comprehensive program helps students realize their educational and personal goals by providing essential financial, academic, and emotional support. Services provided include:

    • One-to-one, in-person college advisement and coaching meetings
    • Monthly stipends to cover living expenses
    • Books

    • Funding for summer or winter courses not typically covered by Education and Training Vouchers (ETV) and Pell Grants
    • Various networking and community-building social events

    • Referrals to supportive services such as private academic tutoring in a particular subject, housing resources, specialized career counseling and additional private mental health services
The Back-to-School Package

The NYFC Back-to-School Package program provides youth in foster care enrolled in college or an accredited vocational program with the tools necessary to succeed throughout their entire educational experience. Computer and other supplies that many college students take for granted are rarely within reach for foster care youth. With access to these essential items, youth are to enter college at a level playing field with their peers. Resources provided include:

    • Gifts cards for textbooks
    • School supplies

    • A one-time gift of a laptop computer equipped with the necessary software

    • Support and assistance with a value up to $2,500
    • Transit cards
The Emergency Educational Fund

Our Emergency  Fund assures that youth who are currently in or aged out of the foster care system and encounter an unforeseen or unusual financial emergency are able to continue their education without interruption.  Common requests include:

    • Overdue rent or emergency housing assistance
    • Overdue utility care

    • Medical and dental bills for uninsured but necessary procedures
    • Transportation

    • Books
    • Tuition assistance