The Spirit Award


The Spirit Award consists of a $10,000 scholarship, a $5,000, scholarship, and two scholarships of $2,500 awarded to four outstanding young adults currently or formerly in foster care in NYC who are attending a 4-year college with plans to complete a bachelor’s degree. The recipient is a person who has achieved academic success, demonstrated a willingness to think beyond themselves, shown resilience in the face of challenges, and gained a new sense of self-awareness because of the obstacles they have had to overcome. Only students entering their third or fourth year of college as full-time students are eligble to apply.

Please click here for the application. All applications must be submitted by August 13, 2018.


NYFC Emergency Fund

(In Care Students)


The Emergency Fund is a unique scholarship program that provides “just-in-time” financial aid to college students who are in the New York City foster care system when personal emergencies become financial crises. Through the Emergency Fund, New Yorkers For Children is able to respond to urgent crises in an immediate and effective manner by providing financial support to students in foster care when emergencies threaten to jeopardize the completion of their studies. Students applying for the Emergency Fund will be required to provide adequate documentation of the emergency leading to their need for the funds.  Emergency funds are granted to students to cover expenses that their agency will not cover. For more information on eligibility and guidelines around requests review our policies in the application.

All applications must be submitted by an Agency staff member on behalf of the student applying so that we can have verification of the student’s foster care status.

We will accept applications on a rolling basis. All applications should be submitted to

Click here to download the application.


The Charles Evans Emergency Educational Fund

(Aged Out Students)


The Charles Evans Emergency Educational Fund can help you. The Fund assists youth who encounter an unforeseen or unusual financial emergency that would prevent them from continuing their education without interruption. To be eligible you must have aged out of foster care in New York City, are no older than 27 years of age, enrolled in an accredited 2 or 4-year college, and have a GPA of 2.0 or above. Requests must be urgent in nature.

We accept applications on a rolling basis. Click here to download the application.


Phyllis Brodsky

Tel: 212.341.3318

Fax: 917.551.7374



The Back-to-School Package Program


The Back-To-School Package Program provides youth in foster care who are enrolled in college or an accredited vocational program with up to $2,500 in materials, including gift cards for incidentals, transit cards, and a laptop computer equipped with Microsoft Office and a three-year anti-virus license. Students can receive a package every semester they are enrolled in school.

Registration for AGED OUT youth can be accessed here.

If you are currently in care, please reach out to your agency worker or education specialist to complete the registration for you. For more info, contact



The Nicholas Scoppetta Scholarship (Nick’s Scholars) Program


The Nicholas Scoppetta Scholarship (Nick’s Scholars) Program was developed by New Yorkers For Children to support New York City youth aging out of foster care to attain a college degree. It is a comprehensive program for youth in foster care and foster care alumni who are enrolled in college in New York City. The Nick’s Scholars Program provides essential personalized wraparound services in the form of financial, academic, and emotional support to help students transition to, and succeed in college. Nick’s Scholars receive a monthly stipend to help them cover their educational and living expenses and allow them to focus on school. The program connects these students to academic and personal resources to help them overcome challenges as they navigate college on their own. As Nick’s Scholars, they belong to a larger community where they are provided the opportunity to build relationships with other Nick’s Scholars and supportive adult mentors to encourage them on their path to a college degree.


Applications are currently closed.


Technology Workforce Development Program


Not interested in going to college but would like training to enter a successful career?

New Yorkers for Children has partnered with several training providers to support youth in foster care or former foster youth in New York to become hirable, competitive candidates in the tech workforce and attain jobs in software testing, IT support, and network engineering. Participants will receive training from professionals, are offered tutors, a $500 bi-weekly stipend, certification and networking opportunities, and career development to find employment in the technology sector. To be eligible youth must be 18-24, have a high school diploma or equivalent, and a demonstrated interest in technology.

To apply or refer a youth contact Kimberly Weaver, Manager of Programs, at (646) 257-2930 or


Youth Advisory Board


The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is a group of college students currently or formerly in foster care who serve as advocates for youth in foster care in New York City. YAB’s mission is to support NYFC by shaping public awareness and perceptions of children and youth in foster care, and inspiring peers to become advocates in their communities. YAB collaborates with other programs for positive youth development, education, and professional success, while inspiring New Yorkers of all ages and walks of life to strengthen society. The group meets at NYFC once a month to plan events and programs that positively impact younger children in foster care. The YAB also advises NYFC on the needs of older youth in foster care and provides an opportunity for youth to meet and socialize with one another.

Interested in joining the YAB, complete this interest form.