Charles Evans Emergency Educational Fund


The Charles Evans Emergency Educational Fund assists young people who were formerly in the foster care system with emergency funding to advance and complete their educational endeavors. This Fund is run in close partnership with ACS, where staff members do an initial application review and make recommendations to NYFC. These emergency funds meets vital housing needs, tuition and other academic costs.

The Charles Evans Emergency Educational Fund accepts applications on a rolling basis.
Download the application here. For more information, please contact our Youth Academic Advisor, Ellen Ampofo at [email protected]

The Need

Youth who have been in foster care are often forced to make the difficult transition into adulthood without traditional family support. These students are living on their own, surviving paycheck to paycheck while balancing their responsibilities as students. When a financial emergency hits, these students face a tough decision between continuing their education and leaving school in an attempt to earn the necessary funds.

NYFC’s Impact

$41,480.76 was distributed in 2015 to 25 young people.

“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to stay in school and finish my semester. Without the funds I wouldn’t have been able to do so.” – Sandra