Anti-Racism Resources

Dear NYFC Community,

This page is intended to be a resource hub for YOU!

Whether you’re a young person, adult, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color), white, new to social justice issues, or have been involved for years and simply looking to learn more, we hope there are valuable ideas and resources here for you.
This page encompasses anti-racist resources and information on wellness and mental health, financial resources and other supports, taking action, getting educated, using your dollar wisely, and getting involved in the community. 

Important notes:

  • This page will be continuously updated.
    Want to suggest a resource? Email [email protected]
  • We are not experts, but we are passionate about this work.
    Please help us grow this list of credible resources by providing feedback and additional suggestions. We are excited to hear from you so that we can learn and serve as best we can. 


If you need mental health assistance right now, call the NAMI Helpline at 800-950-NAMI or text “NAMI” to 741741, NYC Well or  SAMHSA’s national helpline 

  • Black and BIPOC-specific: finding someone to talk to
    • Henry Health
      Culturally-centered, trauma-informed therapy
    • The Loveland Foundation
      Subsidized therapy for Black women & girls
    • Therapy for Black Girls
      Database of therapists designed for Black women & girls
    • Inclusive Therapists
      Culturally responsive therapist database
    • Sista Afya
      Primarily serving Black women, providing low-cost  monthly support groups, group therapy & workshops and free events
    • Black Men Heal
      Individual and group therapy aimed at serving Black men
    • WellWilliamsburg
      Offering one free 50 minute therapy session guiding you through “Resource Tapping,” a combination of psychoeducation, stabilization and referrals.
    • 55 Mental Health Resources for People of Color This guide has compiled informational resources for culturally diverse populations such as African Americans, Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders, Latinx Americans, and Native Americans/Alaska Natives. Readers can find mental health resources, podcasts, and advocacy organizations to help address behavioral and emotional health needs, treatment, and how to find care.
    • Mental Health Resources for Young People of Color contains free and affordable resources including organizations, digital resources and videos, support groups, and therapy directories to help support the mental health of young people of color. This resource also provides a list of instagram accounts of mental health educators, therapists of color, and community support pages. 
  • Black and BIPOC-specific: healing communities
    • Heal Haus
      Regular free & donation-based wellness events
    • Dive in Well
      Regular free & donation-based wellness events
    • Undugu Kickbacks
      Online events and resources for wellness, education & socializing
    • Ethel’s Club
      Online social club for People of Color, regular  free healing session for Black folks
    • Men_Thrive
      A digital platform devoted to Black men’s wellness
    • Native Son Now
      A platform for Black Gay Men who inspire, empower and celebrate each other
    • Black Artist Space
      A space to enjoy and share Black art






Support Black businesses

  • General Guides
  • Food
    • EatOkra App
      App-based  directory for Black-owned restaurants
  • Action Idea: Consider asking your local downtown community organization to compile and promote a list of Black-owned businesses