NYFC Fall Fundraiser 2020

Support the NYFC team & the vital work we do for New York City youth!

New Yorkers For Children (NYFC) – along with the rest of the city – was hit hard when COVID struck in March 2020. Youth in foster care – who are vulnerable at the best of times – were hit harder than anyone. We went from receiving approximately 5 requests for emergency funding per month to receiving 20-30 per day. These were real-time, desperate problems that needed to be solved fast. Since mid-March, together with our partner the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), NYFC has fundraised nearly $1,000,000 and dispersed it to NYC’s hardest-hit children, youth, and families. Thankfully, due to our longstanding infrastructure – and donors like YOU – NYFC was able to get aid to the communities we serve immediately.

While yes, we are still standing, we find that the needs of our youth have grown in scale and complexity, while our traditional fundraising engine—the Fall Fête—has been canceled. In its stead, we are launching a virtual fundraising campaign that will run until Thursday, October 29th.

We need to raise $750,000. We are asking you, as loyal members of the NYFC family, to join us.

To donate today, please visit our donation page here!

For questions or more information, please contact Alyssa Barrett at 212-867-1117 or [email protected].