NYFC Stands in Solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement

Along with millions of other Americans, New Yorkers For Children (NYFC) is deeply saddened and angered by the murder of George Floyd and so many other Black people who have been criminalized and treated inhumanely just for being Black.

As an organization focused on advancing opportunity for youth in foster care, NYFC witnesses daily the divide created in our society by systemic racism; a disproportionate number of youth in foster care are Black and Latinx. The stark racial disparities in child welfare are no different than what can be seen in healthcare, housing and education. More recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted our country’s racial divide with Blacks and people of color dying at much greater rates than their white counterparts. 

The last 10 days of protests demonstrate a collective rage after months of isolation and economic uncertainty. Although the pain of the protests are felt across the country, they also are a symbol of immense hope and the possibility of what could be.

As we acknowledge and embrace a multi-racial New York City, we must engage in inter-racial dialogue about race.  Borrowing from the wisdom of Glenn Singleton, the first step is to commit to the Four Agreements of Courageous Conversation:

  1. Stay engaged
  2. Experience discomfort
  3. Speak your truth
  4. Expect and accept non-closure

New Yorkers For Children is committed to promoting dialogue about race and to educating ourselves and the next generation of leaders. We stand in support of the thousands of youth and other Americans protesting against racism and we stand for change. 

Lastly, I am sharing a great resource link on ways in which we can start the conversation and re-education about Race in America.

Anti-racism Resources

In solidarity,

Saroya Friedman-Gonzalez
Executive Director